We offer fully bespoke programmes of varying durations pending your requirements and the time pressures of the business. For example, we can deliver 60 minute, 90 minute or half day “espresso” interactive workshops or “deep dives” of 1-2 days or more integrated with or without 1:1 or group coaching support. In addition to face to face classroom training we offer workshops via webinars and our online Academy.

  • Our training is reinforced with the use of:
  • Specific client or trainer case studies
  • Interactive tailored group and individual exercises
  • Experiential practice via role and real plays
  • Class discussions, quizzes and Q&A’s
  • Audio and visual materials
  • Personal reflection and insight coupled with feedback from facilitators
  • Neuroscience and interpersonal neurobiology are incorporated where feasible so people can understand and manage their own brains and reactions plus understand, manage and work with others.
  • Computer simulations and modelling
  • Guest speakers from either within or outside the client organisation
  • Links to the latest and relevant articles and videos
  • Pre-course and evening work to maximise the effectiveness of the training
  • Post-course testing, assessment and follow-through review sessions
  • Our programmes are fully flexible

We continually review and flex our training to ensure it remains relevant and focused throughout.

We understand that training may need to be delivered to a diverse staff population from different technical disciplines, nationalities and cultural backgrounds. Typically, our trainers are highly skilled in adapting their facilitation style to suit all backgrounds and levels of people management experience so that the programme is pitched appropriately for participants.

We embed practice, feedback sessions and a personal development log ensuring the training is ‘applied’. We provide full post course continuous support and development and recommendations for ‘value added’.

  • Sustainability of the learning to improve capability, performance and bring about behavioural change

Follow-through is critical to enabling learners to sustain the benefits of any training programme. Sustainability can be achieved in different ways – some are simple and straight forward, others will require more active management. We will work with you to recommend ideas and adopt the best solution/s for anchoring and sustaining the learning throughout.