Approach & Principles

Our business and training needs analysis approach will vary from client to client, but will usually include the following;

  • Discussion meetings with managers, stakeholders and training staff
  • Training needs analysis research with the target group to be trained
  • Recommendations for and/or use of an appropriate psychometric tool
  • Evaluation and analysis of research findings
  • Operational competencies and objectives identified and translated into a training context
  • Interviews with target group to be trained
  • Development of a highly tailored training solution
  • Practical implementation
  • Post training review and strategic evaluation in order to quantify the success of any training initiatives.

Applied Learning’s expert training consultants will take care of all the research and development of the business and training needs analysis and will ensure that all results and information are presented back to the client. Many of our clients utilise our services as an extension of their existing training function.

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