Applied Learning is a leading supplier of expert knowledge, skills and services to finance, fund management and insurance sectors

Applied Learning is a leading supplier of expert knowledge and services to practitioners and organisations across the banking, finance and fund management sectors worldwide. Our services range from strategic consultancy through to financial product training, executive and team coaching, leadership, management training and publishing.

Our goal is to be the best – not the biggest – provider of interactive training and consultancy services to clients. The diversity of our projects, quality and longevity of our client list reflects our achievements, of which we are very proud.

With an active network of carefully screened and selected  professional associate consultants, trainers and authors, Applied Learning specialises in creating bespoke learning and content solutions, including consultancy, interactive in-house tailored training (classroom and/or online), open courses and practical customised published texts on a diverse range of topics such as new financial markets and specific financial instruments. We have a rigorous due diligence process of recruiting our associates and their diversity is important to us in terms of skills, industry experience, gender, age and cultural backgrounds. All of our consultants have achieved and continue to achieve excellence within banking and financial services which we believe drives greater depth and breadth of knowledge and understanding of our clients.

As part of our services we provide full programme/assignment management and administrative support to our clients. Along with our in-house team who support our associate consultants and trainer network of more than 30 professionals, an Applied Learning dedicated person is available to handle relevant administration, logistics and support from start to finish, along with a dedicated support email address and telephone number.

Our growth has been founded on a culture of close client relationships, professionalism and a strong understanding of their business. The underlying theme to this framework is to ensure our solutions meet both the learning and business needs of the programme, as well as the strategic needs of the client.  At Applied Learning we earn our success by contributing to the success of our clients.