Applied Learning helps the WCIB Oral History Archive

Applied Learning Limited is pleased to have helped in getting this City history project started. We are committed to all forms of financial education, and are sure this will be an important archive in the coming years.

WCIB Announcement

We are delighted that the Company’s oral history archive will be housed with the Centre of Financial History, University of Cambridge. Our first oral history project covered the secondary banking crisis in 1973-74 (known as ‘the Lifeboat’). Our next project covers the period 1979-86 from the first Thatcher Government to the run-up to ‘Big Bang’.

We were lucky enough to receive financial support from Karen Davies of Applied Learning Limited, who expressed great interest in our plans and generously donated £1,000 to help us get started. We are very grateful for this donation, which enabled us to purchase a professional digital recording device and help with the costs of a transcription service.

Source: Extract from the Worshipful Company of International Bankers WCIB – Master’s Blog – eUpdate February 2019.

The Oral History Archive can be accessed at

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