Delegates can be evaluated in a number of ways;

  • Pre-course Assessment

Reading, questionnaires, exercises, video links given to participants prior to a course can bring the group up to a level playing field to maximise the value of training. The addition of a pre-course test enables the evaluation of suitability for a course or, added to post-course testing, provides an effective means of measuring change.

  • Mid-course Evaluation Check

Additional reading/case work and exercises after hours keeps the momentum going and reinforces learning. Short quizzes, first thing in the morning, keep participants on their toes. Participants have the opportunity to ask our trainers to revisit areas during breaks and at the end of the day in evening tutorials, where appropriate.

  • Post-course Assessment

    Quantitative evaluation

        Tests and questionnaires designed to evaluate the participant’s assimilation of knowledge and application of skills help to keep participants focused and aid measurability. The presentation of a group case study to line managers can also prove an interesting and effective alternative.

    Qualitative evaluation

        Our trainers can provide detailed qualitative information on participants which enables our clients to identify those individuals who are excelling and those for whom further support and development may be required.